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Air cooling or water cooling which is better? What is the chassis air duct?

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How important is "heat dissipation" to electronic products. From small mobile phones to large TVs and computers, as long as they generate heat, they must be designed to dissipate heat.

With the continuous improvement of the performance of electronic products in recent years, heat dissipation has also become the pursuit of major manufacturers. For example, adding special heat sinks, heat-conducting copper pipes, etc. to the mobile phone.

Of course, the purpose of this is to ensure that the core devices such as the CPU will not hit the "temperature wall" while ensuring the feel, which will lead to frequency reduction and affect the performance.

For computers, cooling is the most important thing! In addition to preventing the CPU, graphics card, etc. from hitting the temperature wall, heat dissipation is also the key to affecting the performance of the whole machine.

Under normal circumstances, the heat dissipation of the computer is mostly divided into air cooling and water cooling, and water cooling is divided into split water cooling and integrated water cooling.

1. Air cooling

As the name suggests, air-cooled heat dissipation mainly uses fans to drive air flow to achieve the purpose of heat dissipation, but the principle is not simple.

It is generally composed of a heat dissipation base, a copper heat pipe, an aluminum heat sink (fin) and a fan.

Heat dissipation process: The "cooling base" is in direct contact with the CPU, and then the heat is transferred to the "heat sink" through the "heat pipe", and finally the heat is discharged through the "fan".

In the whole process, the role of heat pipe and heat dissipation base is the most important.

2. Water cooling

In fact, like air cooling, the general structure of water cooling is similar. The main difference between them is that the "heat dissipation medium" is different. Air cooling uses ambient air, and water cooling uses liquid.

At present, there are two common types of water cooling on the market, namely "integrated water cooling" and "split water cooling".

Of course, the larger the water cooling specification, the better the cooling effect.

In terms of structure, the integrated water cooling is slightly more complicated than the air cooling. It is roughly divided into a water cooling head (mercury head), a water pipe and a cold row, but the function of each structure is actually similar to that of the air cooling.