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Does the computer case matter?

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The main role of the chassis in the installation is to place and fix various computer accessories, which play a supporting and protective role. In addition, the chassis also has a certain ability to shield electromagnetic radiation.

Since the chassis is not like the CPU, graphics card, motherboard and other accessories that can quickly improve the performance of the whole machine, it has not been listed as a key consideration in the DIY arena.

When installing the machine, some friends always think that graphics cards, memory, and motherboards will cost a lot of money.

As for the chassis, you can just mess around with it. Anyway, the tin box is not unusable, even "streaking".

In the DIY arena, is the chassis really so useless?

of course not!

No-name or inferior chassis, the internal ventilation or cooling effect is likely to have problems.

Or the internal steel plate has insufficient bearing capacity, which can easily cause the motherboard or graphics card to fall off inside the chassis, resulting in damage or burning of related accessories.

So what features should you focus on when purchasing a chassis?

The first point is that the appearance and materials are the most basic characteristics of the chassis.

In this "face-seeing" society, to a large extent, the appearance will directly determine whether a chassis is acceptable to us.

The material used mainly depends on the material used in the chassis, whether the corners of the chassis have been crimped, the weight of the chassis, etc. The quality of the material also directly affects the life of the chassis and the performance of anti-electromagnetic radiation.

The second point is whether the chassis interface is rich enough.

Whether it provides front USB and audio input and output interfaces, and whether the internal design such as hard disk, optical drive, chassis side panel, etc. adopts tool-free installation, we have to look at these.

The third point is dustproof and heat dissipation.

The "delicate" electronic components in the chassis also like to live in a clean place, so dustproofing the chassis is still very important.

When purchasing a chassis, it mainly depends on the dustproof performance and the dustproof ability of the expansion slot PCI baffle.

In terms of heat dissipation, the main consideration is how many cooling fans or reserved positions for cooling fans and the number of cooling holes are provided by the chassis.