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5 Tips for Buying a Computer Case

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Having all the components you want in your gaming PC is great, but all that hardware needs to be installed somewhere. That's where computer cases come in. There are so many PC case designs and different PC case sizes that it's hard for me to pick the best one for you. In this post, we will share with you 5 tips for buying a PC case.

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1. Choosing a PC case size

The most important thing when choosing a computer case (also known as a chassis) is to ensure that the case physically fits your hardware and the build you want to complete. When choosing a PC case, you have several size options, the most common being a full tower, mid-tower, and small form factor.

Full-tower cases are designed for larger PC builds with full-size hardware. This is a good choice if you are installing an ATX motherboard and need a lot of space. Full-tower cases are large, often bulky and cumbersome, but can offer many configuration options for your build.

Mid-tower cases are about as good as they sound. They are smaller than an entire tower case but still allow for an ATX motherboard to be installed as well as a smaller size. Mid-tower cases are most popular because they fit most hardware but take up less space.

More minor cases are significant if you plan to assemble a small case with a MicroATX or Mini-ITX motherboard. These cases are very compact and perfect for smaller builds. However, it is essential to remember that for smaller builds, you have fewer hardware options to work with.

2. Choose a PC case that is easy to disassemble

There is nothing worse than trying to build a new PC only to find that you need to be a magician to get your hands on the case to install the components. Limited access to the interior areas of the case makes building a computer a tiring and sometimes painful process.

Many of today's cases have removable motherboard trays to make installing a motherboard easier, removable drive bays to give you more space, and removable lids to open everything. Removing all the lids of a computer case and removing parts makes the whole build process more accessible.

3. Airflow, in this case, is important

Airflow is one of the most critical factors affecting a gaming PC's performance. If there is not enough airflow in your computer case, you will find that your components become hotter than they should be. The hotter the hardware, the more likely it is to perform poorly and cause lasting damage.

When looking for a new PC case, take the time to ensure it will provide good cooling. Look at how many fans are included in the case and where they are located. You must have both intake fans that draw cool air into the case and exhaust fans that expel hot air.

Ensure your preferred computer case has enough ventilation to allow cool air from outside to be drawn into the case quickly. The more cool air flows through the case, the better the performance.

4. Choose the right cooling system

Computer cases offer a variety of cooling options, and these options vary from case to case. Consider how you plan to further cool the hardware in your case.

Do you plan to install additional fans, and if so, make sure there are enough fan mounts available. It is also essential to confirm that these fan brackets support the size of the fans you want to install.

Do you plan to install an air cooler (e.g., AORUS ATC 800) or run water cooling for the CPU? If you choose an air cooler, ensure enough clearance between the top of the air cooler and the side panel of the case. If you are going the popular water-cooling route, check out the available radiator mounting options. Ideally, you will find a case that supports both top and front radiator mounts and supports a variety of radiator sizes.

5. PC Chassis Appearance

You've spent time researching all the components in your computer and saved all that money to buy them. It is a shame to install hardware into a computer case just to place a blank side panel and never see the components again.

Find an aesthetically pleasing case and show off your gaming rig! Having a case that offers tempered glass side panels to show off the hardware inside is very popular. By having an enclosure that offers a view of the interior, you can take advantage of the many available RGB options and add your style to your build.

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