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Chassis Fan Installation

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We must first consider the heat dissipation of the computer when configuring the independent graphics game computer, because it is a high-end configuration such as the CPU that does not generate heat normally. In addition, the independent graphics is a big heat generator, and the computer of the ordinary platform must be equipped with a cooling fan of the chassis, so as to make The heat in the chassis is quickly expelled, and how to install a fan in an ordinary chassis?

Ordinary fan screw fixing

The most common fixing method is to use the case fan screws that came with the case when you bought the case.

Just use screws to fix the fan to the air outlet of the case.

Although using the fan screw to fix the fan works well, there are some shortcomings.

First, due to the use of self-tapping screws, it will inevitably leave traces on the fixing holes of the fan after installation. If you are not satisfied with the performance of the fan, it will inevitably affect the return.

Second, since the fan is hard-connected to the chassis, the vibration of the fan when it rotates is easily transmitted to the chassis panel, which may cause annoying noise of resonance.

Shock-absorbing glue nails

For the situation where the fan holes have been reserved, it is more recommended to use shock-absorbing glue nails to fix the fan. The use of this fixing method is first of all without damage to the fan; secondly, through the soft rubber buffer, the resonance of the fan can be effectively reduced to the chassis.

The installation method is very simple, fix the shock-absorbing rubber nails, and then pull it through the fan to get it stuck.

Magnetic screw nut

This method is mainly for the chassis without reserved fan holes, but the chassis panel is a hole flow with smaller openings.

For the convenience of installation, we can purchase the magnetic suction case fan screw nut, fix the fan with the screw, and directly attach it to the case to complete the installation.

If the computer heats up a lot, you can improve the ambient temperature in the chassis by yourself, which is bound to be good for the hardware.