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  • Top 5 Gaming PC Case Manufacturers 2022


    For first-time PC builders, the options available for each component can be overwhelming. You'll have endless options when assembling your new rig, from motherboards to graphics cards and everything in between. Perhaps the most important component is the one that holds everything together: the PC ca Read More

  • What is the computer power supply unit?


    Power supply unit is one of the critical components of any computer system, also known as the PSU. This component powers Pthe the computer and other installed peripherals, like the graphics card and other hard drives. Bleow we will discuss what is the power supply unit of computer with you through t Read More

  • How does a water cooling fan work in a PC?


    When building a PC, we know that there is generally air and water cooling in the choice of cooling, but those who have used water cooling should know that there is also a matching fan in the water cooling system. This article will look at the main force at the end of the cooling cycle: the fan. Wate Read More

  • 5 Tips for Buying a Computer Case


    Having all the components you want in your gaming PC is great, but all that hardware needs to be installed somewhere. That's where computer cases come in. There are so many PC case designs and different PC case sizes that it's hard for me to pick the best one for you. In this post, we will share wit Read More

  • PC case features you should consider when buying a PC case


    When buying a PC case, you may consider many factors: the case's size, the case, the appearance of the case, the compatibility of the case with the computer accessories you are buying, etc. In this article, we focus on the features of PC cases. What features do you need to consider when buying a PC Read More

  • What are the Different Types of Computer Cases?


    The types of computer cases range from the largest to the smallest: Full-Tower, Mid-Tower, Micro-ATX, and Mini-ITX. These sizes of computer cases correspond to the form factor of the motherboard, as it is the component that takes up the most space in the PC. Micro-ATX cases support up to Micro-ATX m Read More

  • Which PC case is right for you?


    A PC case is a customizable necessity for any PC user; an enclosure that contains all of your valuable PC components and peripherals, including expensive hard drives, carefully sourced optical drives, high-end motherboards, high-capacity power supplies, and more. Why is a PC case important?It's impo Read More

  • A Selection of Popular PC Cases for Your Custom PC


    Custom PC is usually the most popular choice for computer enthusiasts because they have extensive computer knowledge and can configure a PC with their personality according to their performance needs, budget, and preferences. When customizing a PC, the choice of PC Case is critical because the parts Read More

  • Why you should still consider a desktop instead of a laptop in 2022


    When buying a computer, we all know there are usually two main types to choose from, desktop computers and laptops. In the old days, we all had a common perception that desktop computers were better than laptops in every aspect of functionality. There was only one reason we chose a laptop over a des Read More

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